Boot Camp

Boot Camp


WEDNESDAY, September 11, 2019

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Thank you to the following speakers for making this all-day workshop a success:


Agnieszka Adams, Roisman Henel & Adams LLP

Probate Alternatives and Initial Filing

Alexandra Ayoub, Law Office of Alexandra M. Ayoub

Proving Wills and Will Contests

Bret Millar, Phillips Bonding Agency


Daniel Newbold, Donohue Fitzgerald LLP

Heirs and Devisees: Cooperative and Competing, Managing Expectations

Peter Shelton, Peter Shelton Law

Andrew de Vries, MBA, Probate, Estate, Trust & Conservatorship Real Estate Broker

Assets, Inventory & Appraisals, Sale of Real Property

Carolyn West, Horton, West & Bowman LLP

Administration, Authority, Court Supervision, Notice of Proposed Action

Phillip Campbell, Campbell Law Offices

Duties and Ethics

Lydia Lockett, Holland & Knight LLP

Creditor’s Claims: Notice, Timing, Paying, and Defending

Jon Vaught, Vaught & Boutris

Tax: Income, Gift, Estate, and Property

Commissioner Ruben Sundeen, Alameda County Superior Court, Probate Department

Fees: Statutory and Extraordinary

David Little, Hartog, Baer & Hand, APC

Accountings and Final Distribution