Boot Camp

Boot Camp

EBTEL’s Estate Planning Boot Camp

FRIDAY, September 16, 2022 (virtual event)

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This all-day workshop will focus on the basics of estate planning. The program is geared for new practitioners and other attorneys seeking to expand their practices, as well as fiduciaries and paralegals new to estate planning. Extensive materials will be provided in electronic format, including sample estate planning documents and other resource materials. Leading practitioners will cover a broad range of topics, with an orientation towards acquiring practical knowledge.

Thank you to our speakers:    

Alexandra M. Ayoub, Ayoub & Dodson

First Steps: How to work with new clients, from the initial call through your first meeting

Emily Nashban and Toni Coaston, Talbot Law Group  

Estate Planning Alternatives to the Revocable Trust: When to use a will instead of a trust, assets that pass by operation of law, beneficiary designations, and small estates

Sophia L. Johnson, Roisman Henel + Adams

Death & Taxes: Estate, income, and property tax issues to consider when planning estates

Francesca K. Boyd and Heidi L. Imsand, Fennemore Wendel

The Revocable Trust: The basics of a trust, and planning for individuals or for Survivor’s Trusts

Lin Ruan, Perkins Coie 

And Then There Were Two: Preparing a revocable trust for a married couple, including considering separate and community property, and split on the first death

Lisa M. Zaragoza, Acuña Regli

You’re Not Done Yet!: Pour-over wills and how to fund the trust, including the transfer of real property

Nathan D. Pastor, Pastor Law Group

You’re Not Dead Yet!: Planning for incapacity with powers of attorney and health care directives

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